M series | single pass modules

Packaging, labelling, document, industrial printing. There are no specific limits to the possible applications of M-Series, starting from the typical document printing applications, getting to the most specialized single and multi-colour applications, including labelling, security printing, marking & coding.

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Every size, every speed

M-Series is designed specifically to be modular. That means you’re able to integrate inkjet into any existing analog printing or converting line operating at your own production speed, as well as using M-Series as your only multi-bar, multi-colour single-pass printer.

Inkjet integration at its best

Both the printing width and the number of printing bars are fully modular. Thanks to its smooth shape and the easy-to-maintain printing engine, printSET is the ideal supplement to any existing analog or digital printing and converting line. printSET is the ultimate inkjet solution dedicated to both machinery manufacturers, system integrators and end-users.

Easy to integrate into your analog printing engine

No matter if you’re printing analog or digital, web-fed or sheet-fed, M-Series will get easily adapted to tour existing architecture and linear speed. Each module come with its own electronic, hydraulic circuit, ink feeding and ink reservoir on board. Ink drying and curing are managed separately according to application, substrate and ink chemistry. The only thing M-Series needs is a start signal and flowing data!

Get ready for a easy-to-run workflow
As any other digital printing equipment, M-Series is extremely easy-to-run by the end-user. M-Series comes with a dedicated file conversion system and libraries that easily connect the printing unit to virtually any existing interface printing software. If required, JetSET can deliver the M-Series with a ready-to-use software.

Xaar and Kyocera printheads for high quality single-pass applications

Among its printheads partner, JetSet has selected Xaar and Kyocera with their 1002 and KJ4 industrial printheads for their high quality and variable droplet size capabilities, as well as their high productivity and versatility with almost any ink chemistry. 

Compatible Ink Chemistries