R Series | roll-to-roll scanning platform

What's R Series

R Series is a uniquely designed reel-fed industrial inkjet platform, designed to fit the most specialized graphic and specialty printing applications on flexible materials, using an extremely powerful and versatile scanning engine. The R Series gets adapted to each customer’s requirements in terms of reel-size, printing quality, printheads, productivity and ink-chemistry.

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​Roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet

R Series is designed according to the needs of the most demanding customers. In fact it can use both a conventional front and rear winding units, and the innovative one-side unwinder/rewinder designed for roll-to-sheet and roll-to-roll production. TP200RR and TP250RR are provided with a unique Variable-Geometry paper diversion system, that drives the paper ribbon towards the rear-rewinding (roll-to-roll) or the front stacker with an optional XY cutting. The paper diversion system is equipped with embedded drying modules (required for aqueous versions), that deliver images perfectly dry and ready for post-print operations.

​Easy color configuration and on-field upgrades

The exclusive Dynamic Printheads Plate (DPP) technology guarantee that the image is produced quickly and precisely. The multi-position oversized DPP shuttle enables each customer or OEM to get his own configuration for optimized results with process colours, extended gamut, spot colours and special fluids, such as white, clear varnish and metal (only available with UV versions). All the TP configurations are based on a a robust and versatile body, that allows customers to possibly update or re-configure their printer for future requirements and applications.

​to-roll or roll-to-sheet

Thanks to the availability of different printheads, electronics and ink feeding systems, JetSet can provide the R Series with almost any ink chemistry eligible for flexible materials. UV inks can be used for direct printing on plastics and technical textiles, while aqueous chemistries are eligible for coated and uncoated papers, as well as transfer papers for textile.

Recommended Applications

Compatible Ink Chemistries