Patented ink recirculation system for scanning and single-pass

Integration made easier, faster and cheaper Designed, built and patented on the experience gained by JetSet in manufacturing tailor-made inkjet equipment for OEMs and industrial businesses within different sectors, WAVE stands out for its easy architecture and makes inkjet integration easy and reliable, both for scanning and single-pass equipment, allowing smooth development and quick release to end-users, that results in more efficient go-to-market and better ROI.

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Full modularity, compatibility and compactness

WAVE is designed for maximum compatibility with different printheads and electronics. Being the most compact ink recirculation system available, WAVE can be easily installed aboard the printer's shuttle, allowing shorter piping, increasing reliability and cutting integration costs.WAVE keeps a stable ink pressure at nozzle level and ensures a steady ink flow while printing, making irrelevant the pressure given by accelerations and decelerations. Every single WAVE module can drive up to four Xaar, Dimatix or Seiko printheads (shortly available for KM 1024).

Ready for every jettable fluid

No matter your fluid consists of light or heavy particles, WAVE can handle most UV-curable, solvent, eco-solvent, waterbased and hybrid inks (e.g. water+UV or solvent+UV), ceramic, vitreous inks and any other jettable fluid subject to sedimentation or that requires recirculation.

Full control for maximum efficiency

Every WAVE module is independent and all its parameters can be easily controlled through a stand-alone or a PC-based interface. Temperature changes are controlled with a variance of less than 1 °C and a safety system prevents the leak of ink from the nozzles, up to two hours, in case of unexpected shutdown or lack of power supply.

Endless configurations, freedom of integration

WAVE is designed for the needs of both medium and high productivity, with virtually endless configurations, and it can be easily customized for specific requirements, as any other JetSet platform. Even if WAVE is designed for easy integration accomplished directly by OEMs, the Engineering and Development team of JetSet can support customers at their own plants or at Bergamo-based JetSet Integration Area.